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Monthly Giving

Your Donation to the Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital Foundation Counts!

Our health care team has one main focus: our patients. In the last year our team has touched the lives of countless patients and their families with their compassion, skill and expertise. Every gift you give impacts the quality of care we are able to provide to you, your family, neighbours and community members.


Why not choose a way to give that suits your needs? Making a monthly, quarterly or annual donation is an efficient, secure and easy way to show your support for health care through authorized debit or credit card payments, for an amount that fits your budget.

Monthly giving is a tremendous way to ensure your gift works harder. It’s the most effective way to provide steady, on-going funds to help the Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital. Not only is a monthly debit amount a more manageable way to give a generous gift — it saves administrative costs in envelopes and postage too!


Your commitment to the CPDMH Foundation through regular donations will add up to a significant contribution over a manageable period of time. For example:


$10 a month is only 33 cents a day, but adds up to $120 a year!

$25 a month is only 83 cents a day, but adds up to $300 a year!

$50 a month is only $1.65 a day, but adds up to $600 a year!


How does monthly or quarterly giving work?

On approximately the 15th of every month, a predetermined amount set by you will be deducted automatically from your bank account or credit card. At the end of the year, you will receive one tax receipt from the CPDMH Foundation for your total donations.


How does yearly giving work?

You can make a one-time annual gift by credit card online or by mailing, calling or stopping by the Foundation office with a cheque, credit card or cash. You will receive a tax receipt from the CPDMH Foundation for your donation.


Your Donation Counts!

Download our Monthly Giving pledge form today or contact us today for more information.