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Protecting Your Health Information

At CPDMH, we treat your personal health information with respect and sensitivity. We do so in accordance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and all other applicable laws.


The people at CPDMH who provide and support your care are allowed to see your health information. This group includes doctors, nurses, technicians, therapists, and other health professionals who provide care. Students may also work with your health care team under the guidance of qualified teachers.


How is my health information used?

  • To provide you with healthcare

  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements

  • To make our health services more effective and efficient

  • To conduct risk management activities

  • To conduct quality improvement initiatives (patient satisfaction surveys)

  • To compile statistics

Who does CPDMH share my personal health information with?

  • A person you choose – your next-of-kin (family member) or legal representative (Power of Attorney)

  • Other health-care providers as part of your care

  • Health regulatory agencies (for example, agencies that track wait times)

  • Public authorities as permitted and required by law (for example, Public Health to track infections)

  • Government agencies (for example, the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board), or if you give your consent, your private insurer to get payment for your treatment or care

We will also disclose information, at your request, provided you sign consent authorizing us to do so.

  • Unless you tell us not to, we may also disclose your information to:

  • Visitors or callers so they can reach you in the hospital - If you do not want us to tell visitors or callers that you are in the hospital, please let us know when you are admitted and share this with your care team.
  • The CPDMH Foundation - Please email foundation@carletonplacehosp.com if you do not want to be contacted for fundraising.

Can I see my record of personal health information?

We respect your right to see/access your health record. If you wish to do so, please call the Health Records Department at 613-257-2200 ext. 813